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All Caught up

2017-04-16 16:44:27 by Invertedartist

So from here on out any upoload will be a new cartoon and not one from a year ago so you can look forward to that :D

It's Been a While

2016-02-21 19:19:27 by Invertedartist

So give everyone the short a story, i've been posting a lot of stuff on youtube and really have been trying to reserve posting stuff here for things i'm really proud of, and after a bit of deliberation i'll be re-editing one video and a posting another soon so expect those throughout the week. If all goes well i'll also be getting a new tablet soon so visually my cartoons will improve (I really don't like animating with a non-display tablet) so yeah I hope you all enjoy what I'll be posting and I hope you all have a wonderful day :D

Well That was painless

2015-08-27 15:35:48 by Invertedartist

I'm getting this done sooner than I imagined XD

This Friggin' Project

2015-08-27 14:45:16 by Invertedartist

So yeah, this video, I really like the idea but man I wish my I had a better grasp at anatomy and depth XD I have to redo this final shot before I even begin lipsyncing 

Oh how I wish

2015-08-12 19:50:47 by Invertedartist

I wish I could upload larger images here XD i mean I got this large background but I gotta crop it like crazy to upload it here, eh oh well XD


2015-08-12 00:35:41 by Invertedartist

So I Finished an entire animatic today when, earlier I had almost no creativity XD so onward to animate...tomarrow, i'm kind of tired lol but I'll be glad to finally finish a music related project under my belt, i've wanted to do one but never really had the drive until now.  Good luck on your projects :D

Note to self

2015-08-03 21:19:06 by Invertedartist

Never EVER take on two projects at the same time again to much stress and complications 

My Artistic Influences

2015-07-31 20:36:51 by Invertedartist

So since I'm kind of teaching myself the basics of art I figured I'd give some of my influenses to my newer style? i guess? If you follow my Tumber the I;ve been posting a Sketch a Day which I may also put over here aswell, anyway in of my influenses is the Manga artist Hirohiko Araki the Man who made The series Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, I think the reason he art stands out to me and the reason I enjoy it, is the fact the characters have Noses and Lips like seriously a lot of Manga and anime characters have simple like for their noses and lips when it should be a major part of their face XD and a lot of his modern art has this kind of Stylish Fashion kind of thing which for whatever reason I enjoy it :D 

Future of my Work

2015-07-28 13:09:11 by Invertedartist

To make a very long story short I'm going on a journey to improve my animation, and by that I mean take my time to make something good, however that requires time so naturally videos won't be out be out often like I want, but when they do come out they'll actually have work put into them.  In other news I also need money and looking for a job is going nowhere, so i'm doing commissions, so i'mm be updating my page here with more recent work so you guys have some base to go off of so until then here's a link to my commissions page on my tumbler: 


2015-05-31 15:19:17 by Invertedartist

I'm glad I was finally able to post a cartoon on here I love this site and I want to contribute more here, Shoot I like it far more than youtube already, anyway i'm already planning another cartoon and should be up in lets say 2 weeks if nothing gets in my way :D