My Artistic Influences

2015-07-31 20:36:51 by Invertedartist

So since I'm kind of teaching myself the basics of art I figured I'd give some of my influenses to my newer style? i guess? If you follow my Tumber the I;ve been posting a Sketch a Day which I may also put over here aswell, anyway in of my influenses is the Manga artist Hirohiko Araki the Man who made The series Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, I think the reason he art stands out to me and the reason I enjoy it, is the fact the characters have Noses and Lips like seriously a lot of Manga and anime characters have simple like for their noses and lips when it should be a major part of their face XD and a lot of his modern art has this kind of Stylish Fashion kind of thing which for whatever reason I enjoy it :D 


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2015-08-01 01:05:47

right? like eveerything is so detailed now which is a great thing but that also means its so detailed that not everyone will be the same which leaves the opportunity to be a great animator, i'm in the same boat lol lookin forward to more stuff ;)